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WowWee Fingerlings: play sets for your monkeys!

Already have Fingerlings toys? Monkeys, unicorns and other pets? If so, now is the time to grab some fun play packs made especially for these interactive pets! And if not, no big deal: these sets come with funny interactive monkeys! Together, these sets make up a wonderful playground.

Double swing The set includes monkeys Willie and Millie.

Millie is a lilac-purple monkey with blue hair, Willie is a pastel blue monkey with bright blue-purple hair.

This pair is inseparable, and they can only be purchased with this play set.

You control the swing action by turning the crank, and the monkeys have a lot of fun, taking turns turning upside down.

Like all other Fingerlings, Millie and Willie love interacting with you - responding to your touches, sounds and movements, they are very positive and friendly, they can always make you laugh!


Together with this set you get Liv the monkey - a cute creature with pink hair.

You can hang her by the ponytail, help her play on her ladder. A bright, beautiful playground with flag, ladder, swing and pink base - there is plenty of room to play.

This set can also be found commercially with two monkeys included. Liv, as in the previous set, is a cute blue monkey with pink hair, and Simone is an adorable dark pink monkey with blue hair. And you can place on this set not only them, but also their friends!


A favorite element of any playground!

With this set, you get Aimee, a cute coral monkey with blue hair who loves to hang on this site like on jungle vines! Amy likes to sit on the very top or swing, hold her tail. Place here not only her, but also her friends Fingerlings!

Now nothing can stop these restless creatures!

The exclusive baby of this set is soft turquoise Abigail.

Twist the purple heart at the top to set the carousel in motion. Abigail (and her friends) can be securely tied in place or hung with her tail from the top ropes. Lots of magical ways to play! This set's coloring is inspired by a rainbow, and this carousel can make the whole world go round!

Look what an unusual tail this monkey has!

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