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What are STEM toys?

The topic of STEM toys was touched upon in an article on the safety of magnetic toys . In this article, we will take a closer look at what the STEM system is, why is it needed, and what does its introduction in the world of toy production mean?

STEM Movement - SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATH (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). The essence of the method is science and technology : everything that prompts us to study, design, invent . Thinking scientifically, outside the box, innovatively. This area is recognized in the United States as the basic technological foundation of a developed society. Today the

re is a notable trend in the toy industry to encourage children to play with STEM toys .

Sometimes the concept expands to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths - science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics).

We are entering a new era of toys: from STEM to STEAM .

The introduction of the STEM education system is dictated by the new global economy - today every country and company needs to be competitive both domestically and in the international market.

This technology develops all areas of science, not only technology, but also biomedicine, computer and information technology, nanotechnology, mathematical biology,

bioinformatics. Economics, for example, is not directly related to STEM disciplines, however, knowledge of STEM disciplines increases efficiency in this area of ​​knowledge. STEM also contributes to the development of disciplines such as international affairs, education and human resources, socio-behavioral sciences, environmental science.

Unique innovative construction sets and toys, various sets created according to this system, modern interactive toys are a game for boys and girls that encourages children to learn

about scientific and mathematical principles, which gives them the ability to solve problems and introduce innovations, and think outside the box. In the long term, this means that more children,including girls, will choose engineering and science as their future careers .

STEM education is important at all stages of a child's development , from kindergarten (and even earlier) to universities and academies (this is the so-called "educational pipe"). It is known, for example, that if you teach a child the basics of mathematics by the age of 5, then he is more likely to gain access to higher education in the future. Early development, which is encouraged by science and development toys, makes a lot of sense.

All over the world,there are STEM centers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) - a network of research laboratories that supports the scientific, technical and engineering component in the additional education of schoolchildren. Today, everything is being created to increase the interest of students in engineering and technical sciences and to motivate high school students to continue their education in the scientific and technical field. It is known that in the near future in the world , there will be a sharp shortage of IT specialists, programmers, engineers, specialists in high-tech industries .

In the future, professions will appear that do not yet exist; they will be associated with high technologies and industries at the intersection of various scientific fields. Specialists in bio- and nano-technologies will be especially in demand. If today a child chooses this direction of his development, he has a great future.

The emergence of such high-class specialists requires comprehensive training in various educational areas of natural sciences, engineering and technology. Books play an important role: choose encyclopedias and educational books for children from early childhood - preschool education and educational literature for children .

Today, many countries, such as the USA, Australia, China, Great Britain, Israel, Korea, Singapore and others, carry out government programs in the field of STEM education. in which the tasks of attracting school students to engineering and robotics are being solved.

Today, children are very familiar with technology: they create digital content themselves, exchange it, launch websites, shoot movies on their phones, and develop games on their own. STEM technology means creating a learning environment that allows children to be even more active in their creativity. Learning is conducted not through passive listening and observation, but through inclusion in the process, action. STEM technologies require great ability to think critically , work both in a team and independently.

The main thing is not to forget that the child also needs socialization, the development of physical skills, a sense of art and an understanding of beauty, ethics, as well as the skills to solve "everyday problems".

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