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We bought Trolls again . Magic house with bugs and a rose and a troll bracelet

If you've ever wondered where happiness comes from, what a movie based on a popular children's toy line might look like, or just wondered what a children's musical would sound like, then the Trolls will definitely answer these questions.

This incredibly violent, mildly cute , not without disturbing moments film (yes, there is something to worry about) instantly becomes a hit with children of all ages, and adults too. Yes, it's just another movie that makes all these toys want to ... and it's hard to resist. It's hard to say why we love these trolls so much , especially since there are some controversial moments in the film , but toys based on it inspire to play and have fun.

So, while we wait for the second Trolls movie (we are promised it in 2020), we will play with toys based on the first movie.

A couple of our new acquisitions. Funniest bracelet you'll ever see, and a charming little house where bugs live (and Rosette, if you wish, because she's in this set too).

Trolls DreamWorks Hair Huggers Series 1 Bracelet

Six options, and who you get is a surprise! The toy is inspired by the animated series Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

In our case, we got Sinelka. This is the only one of the six bracelets to have two-tone "hair", so it's pretty cool. What else is nice here is the low price .

More than 25 cm in length, the bracelet is suitable for everyone: both young children and adults. Self-closing , no need to fasten it.

These trolls will hug anything in a fluffy embrace. Snap and wrap around your wrist, backpack strap, bed stand, head ponytail, or whatever.

Let's see what the other options look like:

DreamWorks Trolls Camp Critter Pod

This set comes with a ukulele, a figurine headband, a cupcake and 8 different funny bugs at once ! They can ride down the hill and play in other corners of this wonderful house.

The set's petal doors open like a flower. The fun begins!

Bugs can ride a carousel, slide down a slide, play in a multi-tiered fountain, or swing in a hammock! The bugs can be attached to different parts of the house, accessories, and even to the Rose and other trolls!

Two out of eight bugs even glow in the dark (those that are green)! Each of them can see a tiny funny face.

The height of the house is about 24 cm. The height of the Rosette figurine is 5 inches (about 12 cm). The house was created specifically for bugs, for Rosochka there is only a place here to stand, for her there is no hammock or something like that.

The house looks very funny both closed and open. It is compact and fits on any table.

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