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To the mall with Peppa Pig! Peppa's shop, house and camper

Peppa and her family are ready to have a shopping day; Meet Jazwares' Peppa Pig Shopping Mall Playset. And also a set with a house and a camper to arrange the whole world of Peppa at home.

So, Peppa Pig and his family are ready to go to the mall!

Peppa Pig Shopping Mall

Little Peppa fans ages 2 and up will love this interactive set with a real working elevator (no batteries needed) - perfect for getting around the three-story mall.

Also includes 4 Peppa Pig family figures. Our main character here is dressed in a special outfit, complete with a handbag - because there is nothing better than having a day of shopping with the family dressed up in beautiful clothes!

Kids will find a cute little photo booth, a magical dressing room, a pizzeria, an epic ball pit complete with slide, and a work horse swing!

The entire play set is modular so that kids can swap parts to customize the mall to their liking. There are a lot of buttons, levers, this adds a little magic to everything that happens. Most of the functions include movement , and these are all possibilities for various interesting games.

The set is very large and interesting, while it is quite compact. There are some fun accessories.

This set works great with other sets and figures in the line, including Peppa's Fancy Home, Family Car and more.

Peppa Pig Pop n 'Playhouse and Play n' Go Campervan

A playhouse and a camper car that is so convenient to travel in!

Open Peppa's two-story play house and let the fun begin! Each room is filled with surprises. Peppa brushes her teeth in the bathroom, and her closet magically transforms into a bed!

The comfortable handle makes the house perfect for playing anywhere. All parts can be kept inside.

Campervan allows you to have an exciting camping adventure. Go on a fun canoe trip, take a nap on the swinging hammock, then prepare a delicious barbecue!

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