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TLC Kritters: Adopt a Cute Pet!

The TLC Kritter collection of toys by TLC Kritters are cute pets to take care of! Take care of your little ones with love! Uncover the magic - is it a boy or a girl? Dip the diaper in cold water to reveal hidden emojis (did your pet pee or poop?). All TLC Kritters have their own diaper, with a color change icon.

The boy and girl Kritters come with a variety of accessories.

This adorable collection of animal dolls requires a lot of gentle, loving care from you. TLC Kritters love to sleep in warm and cozy incubators. Like any child, these babies need food and medicine to keep them healthy and happy.

Puppies, rabbits and cats, oh my god! These adorable creatures can't wait to be taken home! Play, cherish, they are so wonderful!

For every child, there is something magical about being able to take care of someone small and cute. Big Balloon's TLC Kritters ($ 18.00 MSRP) fit these criteria perfectly, with a collection of adorable baby animals.

The toddler is placed in an incubator, with holes for you to stick your finger in and touch your Critter (just like in a real incubator). Each collectible TLC character is hidden inside a sealed bag. Who you get is a surprise.

Inside you will find even more surprises. Dip the envelope in water, where it will dissolve, and you can know if you are blessed with a girl or a boy. 

But even after you've discovered which Critter will be the object of your affectionate care (with a dissolving envelope containing your baby's gender message), the adventure doesn't end.

The bag also contains cute accessories for your little one - a feeding bottle or dropper for treatment . An instruction sheet tells you how to care for your baby, and you can even record your results:

You can pour real water into a bottle or dropper to give your baby "milk" or "medicine". And then you need to ... remove the diaper and hold it in cool water for a few minutes, and see if the baby pee or poop. You can dump the emoji content of your diaper by holding the diaper in warm water.

The first episode features 8 adorable TLC Kritter animals , from cats and puppies to rabbits and bears. There is even a panda! Everyone has a name. Each set contains an incubator, gender revelation envelope, birth certificate sheet, diaper, bow or bib, bottle or dropper, pet and collector's manual.

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