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Sylvanian Families Shopping City

Welcome to Sylvanian Families!

The Sylvanian Families City Series magna tiles is a new addition to Japan in Spring 2017. This is an amazingly beautiful addition to the world of Sylvania, with tons of accessories to play with. Sweets, cosmetics, handbags, food for heroes - there is literally everything here, just like in a real shopping center ! You see houses-shops (of different colors, joining each other and making up the street, a whole range of shops), bee happy magnetic tiles restaurants and cafes, and even a tram

Another unique novelty is the pianist lion ! For the first time in the world of Sylvanian Familis, a lion figurine appears.

This city has a department store, apartment building, ice cream shop and other buildings. Each of them comes with windows, railings, jasonwell magnetic tiles awnings, and goods corresponding to the theme of this store.

Big city restaurant

Daddy's chocolate bunny is the manager of a wonderful restaurant, a lodge created with wonderful carvings.

A distinctive feature of this house is the spiral staircase and kitchen set, table, dishes, kitchen utensils, and much more!

The kitchen with cooking utensils and magneitc tiles australia utensils is ideal for playing in a restaurant, magnetic tiles there is a table, dishes and glasses, dishes, a large three-tiered birthday cake. 

Plates, soup casserole, cake stand and cake itself, decanter, appetizers, main courses, knives and forks, saucers and glasses, apron, chef costume ... more than 50 pieces in total, everything you need to play and equip your own restaurant!

The release date for this set in Japan is 2017-04-15.

Fashion Department Store Deluxe Set

The delicate carved façade of this building, with its iconic entrance tower, 4 shops, chocolate bunny girl, will captivate Sylvanian Familis fans. This is a gorgeous 2-story department store that has a variety of merchandise. The building has an elevator, revolving door.

It houses a fashionable dress shop, a cosmetics shop, a fashion accessories shop, a chocolate shop, and it's all in one set!

The house can be rotated 90 degrees or 180 degrees magna tiles metropolis so you can open or close it, the elevator is manually operated. Windows can be installed or removed, there are various interior design options. Handbags, hangers, dresses, dishes, lots of sweets, shelves for decorating magna tiles idea the walls of the store, checkout, counters, mirrors, perfumes, lotions ... more than 90 items to play in the store!

This set includes a chocolate bunny girl figurine.

Welcome to Sylvanian Families for some shopping!

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