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Success secret: combining STEM science toys with collecting!

Beaker creatures

Beaker Creatures is a new line of toys that combines two super categories: STEM and collectibles. Beaker Creatures is expected to be a hit in retail as science toys have become more affordable and popular for young children over the past five years. This category is interesting for both children and parents. And, of course, the interest in collecting.

What creature will you find? Turn children's love of collectible toys into a true science adventure with Beaker Creatures! Hidden inside each mysterious reactor is one of 35 creatures, tiny alien travelers from five distant planets who came to Earth to study. To find out which creature you have, toss the pod into a container of water, watch the colorful bubble reaction, then retrieve the creature (collectible figurine)! Look at the classification chart to calculate the physical characteristics of each creature and identify their name and family like a true scientist.

Learning Resources has set its sights on creating a new toy supercategory with the launch of its STEM collectables line, Beaker Creatures. Game + science, two-in-one.

"STEM has grown in popularity in recent years as more young children have the opportunity to experience the delights of scientific discovery firsthand," says Dennis Blackmore, managing director of Learning Resources.

“We hope this is the start of a new super toy category, science and collecting together. We are definitely leading the way in increasing collectible value. "

Identify your creatures with Beaker Creatures ™ Collect figures of creatures

classification cards. Reactor Pod, pack of from different planets!

one collectible figure.

What are these toys?

After traveling through space in their reactor capsules from distant planets, the Beaker beings landed on Earth in search of scientific adventures. Dissolve the pods of their reactors and you can unlock, classify, and research 35 collectible characters, 5 in each family .

There are dozens of unique characters lurking behind liquid super laboratory reactors, including Astrolytes, Frostonians, Oceanites, Buglettes, and Minisaurs.

Hunt one of 5 limited 24K creatures!

Beaker Creatures ™ Liquid Reactor Super Lab from Learning Resources®.

Beaker Creatures ™ 2-Pack with Bio-Home, a set with two figurines (you see one, the other is a surprise) and their bio-home. The bio-house is a cozy habitat for creatures, and its top works like a magnifying glass.

Once the capsule is opened, children take on the role of a scientist, identifying their creatures with classification maps and exploring their worlds using scientific facts and experiments.

Blackmore continued, “Learning resources are all about education, but we love it when kids have so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re learning. We created the Beeker Creatures because we couldn't help but notice the popularity of collectibles and wanted to present a series that is more than an acquisition and a simple game. "

"Kids will love learning about creatures using a magnifying camera and classification cards, there are many possibilities for them. It's a great way to learn through play."

Beaker Creatures, Families, and a Complete List of Characters

With tall trees, green meadows and beautiful wetlands, the Green Space world has many plants that Buglettes can study.

Countless stars, moons and meteors fill the skies of the world of Starus , giving the Astrolytes a front row seat for starry space shows and observations!

From snow-capped mountains to frozen lakes, the Ice Dome is always a winter wonderland for the Frostonians!

Massive mountains, dusty deserts and lush jungle ponds dominate the landscape of Big Rock , where the Minisaurs love to stomp and play together!

The Ocean Orb is one big body of water! The Oceanites live below the surface and spend their days swimming through dense underwater forests and caves!

Look at them:

Ocean. Rocks. Stars.

Ice world. Green house.

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