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Should a child buy soft cubes?

Playing with wooden and soft building blocks is a great joy for children of the first year of life and beyond, until school age. There are many reasons why kids love bricks and why they are a great toy to buy for your little one.

Children have been playing with wooden cubes with letters on their edges for hundreds of years and have been around since the late 1600s. Building blocks, the first of which are bricks, are a great way to stimulate your child to learn learning skills. Cubes can now be purchased in various sizes, shapes, textures and materials, and these toys appeal to children at different stages of their development, which can contribute to the development of motor, language and social skills.

Simple classic toys made not of wood, but of soft material (fabric, polymer, soft plastic) make it possible for even babies to play with blocks. Kids grow and develop, and soft bricks help preschoolers create imaginary worlds for their cars, trains, figurines and dolls.

Soft building blocks for children are usually made of durable plastic or textured fabric, often inside they have bells, rustlers and tweeters that can be heard if you throw a cube or squeeze it in your hands.

The main advantage of soft bricks is that they have no sharp corners , making them a safe choice for young children. It doesn't hurt to fall on them , so they are also suitable for toddlers just learning to walk. The cubes can be scattered across the floor, so you won't have to worry about your child getting hurt or badly hurt if they fall on them.

Soft plastic cubes from Baby Diva.

Children who are just starting to focus on toys are often fascinated by the colorful blocks held in front of them and slowly moved from side to side, up and down. Growing up, children often use soft blocks as the first toys that can be held in their hands, and also try them on the tooth. Lying on his tummy, the child can raise his head to look at the parents or brother, sister, who lay the cubes in front of them.

Babies who are approaching their first birthday show enough hand control to hold a cube in each hand, even stack them on top of each other. Eventually, the children place the blocks one on top of the other, which improves hand-eye coordination and skills in tower-laying. At this age, soft-filled cubes can be supplemented with plastic and wooden ones.

B. Elemenosqueeze soft cubes from B. Toys.

Kids are full of energy, they often love cubes with pictures based on cartoons, with animals. Sometimes babies use blocks for throwing, throwing them in all directions. In the case of soft cubes, this is safe. And the most favorite thing for most kids is to build tall towers, waiting for them to fall, and then build a tower again and again. There is nothing better here than the classic wooden blocks: they can be used to build very tall towers.

Once the initial interest in the cubes is formed, you can come up with all kinds of games with them. In the game, the child learns to concentrate, gains problem-solving skills, and comes up with game combinations. Preschoolers and younger students will use all the skills that they have learned with blocks in previous years in their games. Kids can design intricate race tracks, build kingdoms, fortresses and houses that serve as the primary setting for play-out games and performances. Cubes and other building blocks - soft and wood - are the main building materials here.

Cubes with numbers and letters are a popular educational tool that can help in preschool age. With these cubes, children quickly begin to identify and recognize letters and numbers, and this is a necessary skill for reading.

Over the course of a child's development, the cubes that he met shortly after birth will interact with the baby in different ways, fostering different skills depending on age and interests. This is a game, and development, and training.

Today there are beautiful gift sets of cubes, quite expensive, made of different materials, so such a set can be a good gift for the birth of a baby or for the first year.

Take your pick!

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