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Puzzle Maze Ball

Intellectual ball, puzzle, inexpensive analogue of Perplexus

The 3D puzzle "Maze Ball", an analogue of Perplexus, is made in bright colors in the form of a ball, a puzzle ball, which will interest not only a child, but also an adult. Developing your IQ. The task is to rotate the sphere to force the ball inside it to move forward along the grooves in the order of numbering. You need to get to the finish line in the shortest possible time.

Maze Ball is an inexpensive version of the famous Perplexus puzzles (Perplexus balls are much more expensive). A very original maze with many interesting obstacles and a small metal ball is assembled inside the transparent ball. This ball must be held throughout the labyrinth and rolled into the "House". The original Perplexus has many counterfeits, analogs. Impeccable quality - only with Perplexus, with fakes it happens that during the maze the ball gets stuck and cannot go further. However, this is a significant drawback only if you move the ball from number to number; if you just play "as it turns out", then an inexpensive analogue is enough.

The Maze Ball 3D puzzle helps to develop coordination, object handling skills, logical thinking, balance and spatial awareness. This is a game for both children and adults.

There are variants of this puzzle for 100, 118, 138, 208 barriers and more - the more barriers, the more difficult.

How to play Maze Ball?

Purpose of the game: guide the metal ball through the intricate maze, turning and twisting the big ball.

The ball maze is located inside a large transparent ball. The direction of movement of the ball is numbered, it is impossible to go astray. But playing is difficult.

Calmness is the main guarantee of winning. The puzzle is difficult, it is recommended not earlier than 6 years. Do not lose patience, otherwise you will never achieve the result. Use your spatial imagination 100% and carefully study the characteristics of each barrier. Change the position of the smart ball so that the inner ball always stays on a horizontal surface . Flips, spirals, twirling and twisting! This way you will advance step by step to victory and be able to complete this mysterious puzzle!

You can play not by numbers, but simply lead the ball as it turns out, trying to keep it on the way as long as possible so that the ball does not fall.

A great toy to take on the road : the whole family will be busy. You won't notice how time flies by. True, you have to play in turns. You can only play with such a ball at the same time.

Below are more photos.

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