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Present Pets Puppies: These interactive puppies are unpacking themselves!

Spin Master presents Present Pets ™ Puppies at the end of 2020, a surprise toy that unpacks itself!

These are cute surprise pets that will surprise you with their appearance!

Spin Master introduces its newest toy brand, Present Pets Puppies , a range of interactive pets that virtually unpack themselves - taking the current surprise toy trend to a whole new level.

A puppy appears when a child pulls a gift tag on a toy box; this movement involves the puppy inside, it starts barking and wiggling its paws, the box starts to shake, and then (the process takes about two minutes) the front of the box topples over and you suddenly find an adorable toy puppy in front of you.

Present Pets Puppies offers two themes to choose from - Fancy Pups and Glitter Pups (for each theme you get one of two possible puppies).

What kind of puppy will you get? Cocoa or Casey in glitter, Princess or Kweenie in fanci?

Present Pets: Fancy Pups

Present Pets: Glitter Pups

The names of the puppies

are written on the pendants on their collars. Let's see who is who:

The toy has expressive eyes, soft fur and adorable details on its legs, ears and collar!

The puppy kisses, hugs, wags its tail and paws, does tricks, responds to your voice, plays games, and much more - over 100 sounds and actions!

This toy will surprise the whole family with an unusual magical unpacking experience. The dream of many children who are so eager to get their puppy will come true! Present Pets Puppies will bring joy to every home they find themselves in.

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