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New trend: subscription toys. Brand and deliver!

The new toy subscription trend is changing the market ; new opportunities can strengthen any brand. Brand and deliver! - this is a new direction for thought. Abroad, a new trend is rapidly gaining momentum, but whether this will be applicable for Russia ... only time will tell.

It's no secret that brand engagement is important for any toy manufacturer (and not only), and the way your product is delivered to consumers is changing. Overseas, the demand for subscriptions to various series of toys is growing. This movement is certainly gaining momentum. 

Over the past month, it has become known about new launches of major entertainment companies to attract new platforms for delivering toys directly to fans and fans: from door to door .

Hasbro recently launched a subscription for fans of board games: now you can subscribe to Hasbro Games and receive new games periodically, constantly. Even US President Donald Trump has not passed this direction; his company offers subscribers boxes full of Trump's official merchandise. So far, however, it is not clear whether goods will be delivered across the border to Mexico - or generally to any country in the world (the list includes France, Canada, China, and even Russia, so we wait and hope).

What can no longer be denied is the growing demand from consumers, adult fans, boys and girls, all those who just love to receive a monthly surprise package . After all, why is New Year only once a year? Now it can be monthly !

One of the first to enter the scene back in 2012 was Loot Crate, offering monthly licensed boxes of merchandise from the ever-growing segment of pop culture goods: souvenirs for gamers, fans and more. Since the launch of the platform, more than 15 million parcels have been delivered to more than 650,000 subscribers in 35 countries around the world, and hundreds of thousands of fans are watching the LootCrate Facebook Live channel, telling about new products.

This new trading platform has emerged in the US, but we are now seeing a rapidly growing global demand for such services, leading to the opening of new headquarters in the UK and Europe in recent months.

During its five years of operation, Loot Crate has forged partnerships with leading brands in the entertainment sector, including Marvel, Disney, Lucas Entertainment, DC Entertainment, 343 Industries and many more.

The company offers a diversified subscription type to give each subscriber more specific products, individual customizations, with different subscription categories: Loot Gaming games, Loot Anime, WWE Slam Crate, Halo Legendary Crate, and Sanrio Small Gift Crate, among others.

Obviously, the potential for brands here is huge !

Fans around the world tend to love roughly the same things, with the rare exception of regional characteristics. When a new movie comes out on the big screen (like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), fans from all over the world want to share their love with Marvel to get new figurines and collectibles based on the novelty as soon as possible . An unbridled passion for internet geeks creates a demand for pop cultural goods and a demand for constant updates. Yes, now we are all keen collectors and fans of certain things!

There is a real demand for high-quality, licensed, modern and relevant products delivered in a reliable way. For brands, this is a new channel for directly connecting to the interests of their fans through the continuous delivery of physical products, digital content and a dynamic social community. All this is highly valued today, people are ready to pay for it.

Ease of delivery and the ability to get exclusive goods (not sold in traditional ways) are in high demand among very busy people. By subscribing to the platform, you seem to find a friend who chooses for you ( better than you! ) And sends you a really cool package every month. It's just great!

The excitement around these platforms is growing, so today is a very opportune moment for big brands to connect to a new customer base, providing communication with fans: delivering brand new products directly to fans' doors. Probably, now we will see an increasing number of such offers. New world - here it is, welcome!

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