Nerf Elite Titan CS-50: massive, motorized monster blaster

Big, scary, with battery power, a rotating barrel and 50 rounds drum ... this monster is one of the coolest blasters that can be purchased in 2020.True, its price is also impressive (not only in appearance) - are you ready to pay $ 100 for game weapons?However, this is still far from the most expensive Nerf-blaster.

Once we can get tired of the massive Nerf motorized blasters, but today is clearly not the same day. Because it is a huge ( almost a meter long! ), Powerful, elite weapon, a real titan for any battle. Holding this power in your hands is an indescribable feeling! It is also very wide and heavy, so having a shoulder strap is a must (and there is a strap). Running and hiding with him for a long time will be inconvenient, but he was not created for such tasks.

Titanium is one of the two largest Nerf blasters for fall 2019 (the other is Rival Perses).

With this monster, you instantly send all your opponents to hide in cover!

the Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster is a fully motorized blaster , complete with a 50 darts drum, 50 official Nerf Elite Darts. The included shoulder strap makes it easier for you to enter this blaster into battle. Model for children from 8 years old, teenagers and adults!

The CS-50 Titan boasts a huge drum designed to create a powerful darts storm. Just turn on the engine and pull the trigger, and your opponents will have no chance. The drum spins when a blaster poisons darts on the battlefield. The trigger is located on the rear handle, it has a lid that must be folded before firing.

Use only official Nerf Elite darts: they are designed for the indicated distance, tested and tested for performance and quality, made of foam with flexible, hollow tips for your safety. This type of dart board can be used in the Nerf Elite, AccuStrike Elite, Zombie Strike, Doomlands and Modulus blasters.

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