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Mia the unicorn is the brightest friend for any child

Mia the Unicorn by VTech

Is there anything in this world better than a mystical, magna tiles adventure with kind, bright friends? What friend is more magical than a unicorn?

So, welcome - unicorn Mia! The brightest, kindest and most understanding friend for any child!magna tiles

Mia is the best interactive friend a child can ask for. The robotic unicorn sings, listens to secret desires and changes color!magna tiles

The guide introduces seven activities that a toy can do. But for imaginative kids, the options are actually endless .magnetic tiles

Children can color Mia's eyes, horn and / or wings by clicking on her necklace. It will glow with any color. She can also talk to the child, complimenting them. Mia also lets the kids know what mood she is in by changing color when they press her horn. Does she feel peacefully blue or happily green ? Mia will also choose a happy color for the child by pressing the wing sensor.magnetic tiles

Mia listens to the children's desires as they close the eye sensor. You can keep the unicorn's eyes closed until the wish is granted, and then let go, and then she shares secret information! Of course, she will not be able to immediately fulfill all desires, but she gives hope that everything will come true.magnetic tiles

Be prepared - sometimes instead of singing, she will start making noise, kissing, or even burping! Who knew unicorns were so human ?magna tiles

Unicorns need to be able to climb into the sky, and if you press the lever of Mia's leg, she will be ready to fly. When she soars in the clouds, she will sing and have fun.

Realistic hair can be brushed with the included comb and embellished by Mia or yourself with the included hair clips.magna tiles

Mile's other best friends include Ava the Fox, Penny the Peacock, Piper the Dragon and more! Everyone proves that there is nothing more magical than friendship. All of them can be purchased additionally, because the price of these toys is not that high.

You can bring Mia to life with two AAA batteries.magna tiles

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