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Magnetic Tiles

You can build large castles.

Magnetic tiles for kids will help to develop imagination and logical thinking in the kid. Now you will have more free time for other things!

Inspired by kids ... with math in mind! Inspired by Children with Math in Mind. 3D models from flat parts - easy!

Magnetic tiles (magnetic pieces, panels) are a large selection of sets, with varying numbers of elements.

Constructors Magnetic Tiles have been produced since 1992, have received numerous awards, including in 2015 - in the category Most Fun Toy of the Year (the most fun toy of the year). Unfortunately, Magnetic tiles construction sets are still not on sale in China , they can be bought in the USA.

Magnetic tiles is a magnetic construction set, suitable even for toddlers, completely safe and easy to use. Unlike many magnetic construction sets , Magnetic tiles does not contain small parts , and the magnets are hidden inside, so that safety is guaranteed - the child will definitely not swallow anything, the parts are large here. The manufacturer recommends this series as 3+, however, many in the US buy these constructors for younger children.

The construction set consists of geometric shapes of various colors, made of high quality matte or translucent plastic. The parts are solid, very easy to connect to each other, you just need to attach.

Magnetic tiles® Solid Colors - matte plastic, Magnetic tiles® Clear Colors - translucent. There is also a series Ice (ice) - a completely transparent colorless constructor - you get the feeling that you are building from pieces of ice!

As additions to this, toy cars are produced to make the game more interesting. They are sold separately and are also included in some bundles.

This constructor teaches you to distinguish colors and geometric shapes, sort items according to different criteria. wonderful educational toy.

Magnetic parts can be used to make not only figures in one plane, but also to build three-dimensional structures, and even high towers! It turns out even for the smallest, and older children can collect entire castles and Magnetic tiles palaces - tall, beautiful. The size is limited only by the number of parts that you have at your disposal.

Official website: www.vohoho.com

Magna Track

This set not only provides engaged play-time for your children, but it also inspires creativity, encourages cooperation and fine motor skill development. These fun car sets for kids feature flat and curved tracks,  scenery and other accessories children can use to create their own unique track! Get your car run automatically on the track. Let kids pay more attention to create a new track for the car to run instead of moving the car. Inspire children's creativity and spatial logical thinking skills.

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