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Little Live Pets My Kissing Puppy

This dog will kiss and lick you like a real puppy! She wags her tail when she is happy, makes the cute sounds of a real puppy.

Interactive toy, 25+ sounds and actions (but keep in mind, this robotic dog can't walk)!

  • When the puppy sleeps, his eyes close, he even knows how to snore in his sleep.

  • The toy comes with a pet adoption certificate (which you can fill out yourself)

Seriously, this little puppy is actually even cuter than in the pictures, wrinkled, totally adorable, making a lot of cute sounds. Unlike most toys, he can lick, he has such a cute little tongue! If you hold him in a certain way, he will fall asleep, but even in a dream he will sometimes wag his tail, like any very happy puppy in real life.

And most importantly, this puppy is always glad to see you! The adorable Shar Pei puppy looks so cute! He has an expressive mobile face. Get ready for kisses and hugs because this little puppy loves to show how happy he is to see you, how much he loves you! 

The collection contains several puppies of different colors, they have different names , take a look (also see similar pets in the Furreal line ):

Press on the nose of the toy and your puppy will start sniffing and licking just like a real dog, because he can move his tongue! Pat the back to make it wag its tail!

The toy acts and moves just like a real puppy, wags its tail very funny. Then, after a day of fun, the dog closes its eyes and sleeps! 

The more attention you give your pet, the more he loves you!

Operation requires 4 AAA / LR03 batteries (batteries not included, short-life demo only).

The dog's paws are mobile, but it cannot walk by itself.

A great little gift for any kid who loves interactive animals .

Age 3+.

Little Live Pets are a whole world of funny animals, and they all can do something , from dragons to turtles and even ladybugs!

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