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LeapFrog, Scoop and Learn Deluxe Ice Cream Cart

Create and sell delicious ice cream!

The LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Deluxe Cart is just the perfect toy for young kids to play in the ice cream shop from the comfort of their home!

The set includes over 50 parts .

Ice cream and toppings allow kids to create delicious treats and explore colors and flavors at the same time. You can create ice cream to your taste, or you can train your memory and attentiveness by following the instructions on the six order cards; At the same time, funny phrases teach the child about colors, numbers (counting to ten), scents and much more.

Buyer customers can even use play money to pay for their order! This is great for teaching children to count.

Roll the cart, listen to awesome songs and music, play and learn! You can offer ice cream to all members of your home, no matter what room they are in, because the cart is so easy to roll!

Learning is really fun when you pretend to run your own ice cream cart! Shoppers can order ice cream in a wide variety of delicious combinations, and when their order is ready, you can ring the bell.

The magic spoon helps to train motor skills when children take ice cream and toppings for them. Hear how the magic spoon recognizes colors and aromas! Is it vanilla or mint? The spoon will tell you!

After the game, everything can be neatly put into the cart for storage.

The set is intended for children aged 2+; 3 AA batteries required; batteries are included.

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