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Jurassic World Cling Mini Dinosaurs: Bite and Decorate You!

Mattel's fun collection of Snap Squad mini dinosaurs - they bite, cling to your finger, bag or backpack and become your Jurassic World jewel!

Become a part of the Jurassic World: any adventure with these fighting dinosaurs will be even more fun!

Collectible figurines, finger-sized pliers with big heads, realistic eyes, imitation leather look so funny that you cannot resist them!

The series is on sale in China .

You will love collecting and showcasing your Snap Squad company . These small creatures are characterized by the aggressive, furious nature of the Jurassic dinosaurs, but with cute stylistic designs . See for yourself:

The mouths open for putting on the toy. Thanks to the opening mouth, they can be hooked on a finger, a backpack, a bag, clothes, shoes ... anywhere!

You need to click on a small lever located on the back of the toy, and the dinosaurs will become an original decoration!

Fear not, it doesn't hurt at all! It's very funny!

The collection includes: Indoraptor, Blue, T-Rex, Indominus Rex, Dilophosaurus and others. They will complement any dinosaur collection: they will bring you funny baby dinosaurs !

And they can be supplemented too - in the Jurassic World series, Mattel even has baby dinosaurs in an egg ! So today you can collect entire families of ancient dinosaurs!

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