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It's impossible not to love Peppa Pig's new toys!

It is simply impossible not to love this new line of toys (2019) based on the cartoon Peppa Pig! And the best way to celebrate a novelty is of course to get something from the new line of toys.

From musical instruments and vehicles to surprise figurine sets! There is something here for every fan.

Kids and adults alike will love these educational musical toys inspired by their favorite animated characters. A fun Peppa Pig Musical Educational Guitar, for example - sturdy, durable, crafted in vibrant colors, will help kids from 3 years old learn different rhythms and tune the instrument using the five buttons on the fretboard. The guitar also plays three Peppa Pig songs. And then there's Suzie's drum, Candy's saxophone, etc.

If a kid wants to learn how to play the piano, they will love the 25-key and 8-key model, both from Kidz Toyz.

The 25-key model (age 3+) lights up and plays five different sounds. Kids can control the speed of recorded songs, and there are preset rhythm buttons that can be manipulated as they please.

This is a toy with great potential!

The beginner's eight-key piano will help children learn the basics of playing the piano. Each of the keys has a different tone, and the five character buttons show the sounds of various instruments. Like the other instruments in the new line, there are pre-installed favorite cartoon songs so kids can dance! There is a volume setting, so the toy will come in handy at fun noisy parties, and during a quiet family evening.

Even rock stars need a break, and that's where Peppa's family car from Jazwares comes in handy. Iconic phrases from the show and some show-inspired tunes will make for fun games. This vehicle (ages 2+) comes with two figures included , and there is room for two additional figures.

So where can you get additional figures for the family car and just to play? In surprise sets, of course! 12 different sets from Jazwares will help you build a collection of figurines ! And each comes complete with a house! The roofs are removable and the figurine can be planted inside.

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