Inexpensive healthy toys that kids will love

We will delight children who are forced to sit at home in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Exciting games and toys at home are now needed like never before. However, they will be useful later, when the pandemic is over and we will return to normal life. So let's see!

Kyuizener's calculating sticks Each stick of this unusual set is a number expressed in color and size. From a mathematical point of view, sticks are the set on which the relations of equivalence and order are found. Numerous mathematical situations are hidden in this set. The greater the length of the stick, the greater the value of the number that it expresses. You can play and learn for hours, developing mathematical thinking.

This set leads children to an understanding of various abstract concepts, and allows children to develop an idea of ​​numbers based on counting and measurement.

The kit consists of 116 plastic prisms in 10 different colors and shapes. The smallest prism is 10 mm long and is a cube. The choice of color is intended to facilitate the use of the kit. Sticks 2,4,8 form the "red family", 3,6,9 - the "blue family". The “yellow family” is 5 and 10. The selection of sticks in one family (class) does not happen by chance, but is associated with a certain ratio of them in size. For example, the red family includes numbers that are multiples of two.

Nikitin's cubes "Fold a pattern" The game consists of cubes, the sides of which are painted in four colors (red, yellow, blue, white). In this set, the cubes are plastic. The game will teach you to compare and differentiate objects by size, change images and reproduce the whole image from individual parts.

Using this game, you can develop a child’s spatial imagination, accuracy, attention, graphic abilities, as well as the ability to analyze, synthesize, combine. Gyenesh Logical Blocks A set of logical blocks consists of 48 three-dimensional geometric figures ( in this set they are plastic), differing in color, shape, size and thickness. Thus, each figure is characterized by four properties. The set does not even have two figures that are identical in all properties. The main goal is to teach the child to solve logical problems by dividing by properties.

Memo Boring games The games in the series consist of 50 pairs of cards, i.e. 25 pairs of cards. The subject of sets is the most different. Before the start of the game, the cards are shuffled and laid down on the table. The task is to turn over the cards on the field, remember their location, look for pairs (taking them for yourself). The player who collects the most cards by the end of the game wins. This is a beautiful collection of cognitive games (it’s nice just to even look at cards).

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