Horse Club Rider Cafe: Scheich equestrian club cafe

Every rider needs to relax sometimes, and the Schleich Horse Club Raider Cafe is the ideal place to do this.

This game kit, designed for children from the age of 5 years, is a detailed miniature cafe , designed specifically for horse lovers. It will complement the world of the horse club Schleich. There will be riders where to rest.

Among the 66 parts of the set are not only coffee accessories such as pastries and a cappuccino machine, but also a place for horses, a feed tray and even a horse figurine.

The kit also includes two human figures - one horsewoman (Emily) in a sitting position (the pose of the figure cannot be changed, it is designed for horse riding, it also sits quite naturally on a chair), and one barista (Tom), and this figure is movable at the waist. Hands of figures have the ability to hold various accessories.

The set is perfect for any child who loves horses. Everything is incredibly detailed , complete with many accessories, including tables, chairs, an oven (it opens) and much more.

Horse Club sets already have a history behind them, they are loved and appreciated all over the world.

The kit requires some assembly before it is ready to receive customers. Older children can follow the assembly steps themselves, but young children will need adult help to properly fasten parts and stick stickers. In general, the assembly process should take about 30 minutes.

As already mentioned, one of the strengths of the kit is the number of accessories that it includes. Some of them are very tiny, so immediately come up with a container for storing parts so as not to lose anything.

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