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Holiday cottage

Holiday cottage

The Holiday Cottage set has been released to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Sylvanian Families (celebrated in 2020).

3 houses, made in original colors, are combined into one large cottage. You can play with either one large house or three separate houses.

A family of Persian cats lives in this cottage. One of the girls is wearing a nautical dress, the other is wearing a yellow dress. And the family also has mom, dad and triplet kittens.

An important feature of the house is a working lift that can be operated manually. Thanks to the lift, kittens can easily go up to their bedrooms or go down to the first floor to meet guests or relax together with the whole family. And on top of the roof there is a weather vane!

House and figurines can be combined with oth

er Sylvanian Families sets.

With furniture and accessories sold separately, you can customize this stunning cottage in your own way.

This set can be purchased in different configurations : with 5 figures (Deluxe Celebration Home Gift Set; includes mom, dad and triplet kittens), or with two sisters (Deluxe Celebration Home Premium Set), as well as without filling and figures (just with set of colors).

Furniture and accessories in the set can be (depending on the configuration) - a table, two armchairs, a sofa, a kitchen corner, kitchen appliances, a piano, a bed, flowers and other accessories.

See how cozy this house is:

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