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Hatchimals. How to Train Your Dragon Toothless?

How to Train Your Dragon “Hatching Toothless” Hatchimal

Hatchimals is getting a new cousin, so to speak : your lovely Hatchimals can now have a dragon brother!

The novelty was announced at the 2019 Toy Show. Spin Master has shared the news that she will be releasing a toy How to Train Your Dragon Toothless ($ 60): This is a brand new Hatchimals for those who have always wanted to have their own tame dragon.

Instead of rubbing and hugging an egg to coax it into hatching, Toothless's egg needs to be disturbed in every possible way . Once he's bothered enough, Toothless, with his glowing mouth and movable wings, will revive inside his egg, hatch, and ready to play with you.

It is a fully interactive toy with bright glowing eyes. An inimitable dragon, your own!

You can play games with him like Ask Toothless, Hot Potato and Toothless Speaks, and he can be taught how to “bomb dive” eat fish and set up a “plasma explosion” like in the movies. Toothless will growl or purr, too, depending on its mood.

Toothless Build-A-Bear

More news for 2019: Build-A-Bear is releasing a special edition of Toothless - and his fur is practically glowing! If someone in your family is getting more and more excited about Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World's imminent release in theaters by the minute, you can reinforce your enthusiasm by buying something special ahead of time, before the movie's release. For example, this Build-A-Bear Hidden World Toothless special ($ 35) comes with super cool bioluminescent fur . Give me a dozen, please!

Toothless from Playmobil

By the way, Playmobil has a wonderful series of toys based on this film (the line is on sale in Russia ): all your favorite characters have gathered here. Toothless here is also not easy: his back is glowing, he shoots out of his mouth with a tongue with a rubber tip.

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