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Happy Meal Toys at McDonalds, March 2020: Peter Rabbit Collection (Mini Games)

Jump-jump to adventure!

In March 2020, at McDonald's restaurants in Happy Meal sets, we meet the Peter Rabbit collection. The collection of toys is based on the cartoon of the same name.

Join the new adventures with the funny and mischievous Peter Rabbit! He knows how to throw parties and knows exactly how to have fun! Can teach you too. Here's a recipe: gather family and friends, grab some fun toys, and go !

Arrange competitions for agility, accuracy and luck. Calculate points and determine the winners. You can even come up with prizes.

The toys are packed in a bag with an instruction leaflet.

The toy can be purchased separately without purchasing any products.

There are 10 toys in the collection, they are mini-games . Let's take a look at the complete collection:

Catch Peter Rabbit . Press the start button in turn until the rabbit takes off into the air. Catch him soon! Whoever catches Peter first wins. The figurine must be inserted into the socket of the base until it clicks in order for it to be fixed. Then we press the button, the rabbit jumps up. But which button will make Peter jump? It's a surprise! There are 4 buttons, and it is impossible to guess which of the four will work, you need to try everything in turn. So the jump will be unexpected - have time to react! The rabbit does not fly very high, so it is quite difficult to react quickly and catch it.

Table football with Peter Rabbit . Our hero has his own football rules. One player tries to score a goal with a carrot rig, and the other controls Peter to defend the goal.

Speed ​​game with balls . Press the red button to catch as many soft balls as possible. And when there are no balls left on the field, count the result on the side panel. Whoever has more - he won. Rabbits can be moved using the red levers. They move horizontally back and forth, at the end they rise slightly to grab the ball. In front of each rabbit is a square ball hole. We drive the ball onto the platform in front of the rabbit. In this case, the ball falls into a small depression and is fixed. Then we push the rabbit forward and cover the ball with it. Move the red lever back and the rabbit "pulls" the ball into the hole. The balls that have fallen into the hole are visible on the side of the game, you can calculate which rabbit has more balls caught.

To return the balls to the game, turn the toy over to one side and shake it. The balls will "roll out" from the holes and you can play again.

Here is such a wonderful collection!

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