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Go! Go! Cory Carson Cory's Stay & Play Home is an interactive toy from VTech

Corey Carson: cartoon and toys

With the new VTech playset (new at the end of 2020), you can spend hours playing exciting games! This is a toy house!

This set ( recommended for ages 2+) is a layered placeholder set based on the Netflix kids TV series Corey Carson . The series is a small story about a little car named Corey, who travels and learns the world.

It is convenient to play with the new set from all sides.

The set includes three mini-cars, funny characters: Cory, Chrissy and Mama Carson (Cory, Mama and Chrissy). Dad Carson is not included, but kids will hear his voice throughout the piece in the voice acting of the set, including Dad joking.

This is a house specially designed for toy cars !

Everything in this set is inspired by familiar places kids know and love from the show,

including Corey's bedroom, family living room, and an iconic car wash-style bathtub. But even if the kids haven't seen the show yet, they will love this toy because there are beautiful cars and many scenarios for creative toy cars.

When you touch the PlayZone locations with the vehicles on, you can hear funny phrases, music and light effects.

The kit also works with VTech's large SmartPoint vehicles and has a SmartPoint on the lower level for even more fun interactive adventures.

Everything about Corey's house is made for cars , so Corey can comfortably climb down from his bed, or enter the house through the giant garage door.

There are many hidden elements that children will be interested in discovering while playing. If you press the button next to the fireplace, it opens and you see Dad's art studio. If you press a button on the TV, you will hear the dubbing of DJ Train Trax and watch Roll Train.

The entire play set is ideal for fun tactile play. There are over 70 sounds, phrases and melodies here, so this is also a kind of mini vocabulary lesson. You can act out favorite scenes from the show or come up with a completely new story yourself.

The kit is easy to assemble thanks to the snap-fit ​​parts, and the only tool you need is a screwdriver (to put the batteries in). Immediately a large portion of game value and interactivity, while the set does not take up too much space in the house.

Cory's Stay & Play Home is a great gift for fans of the show as well as all

kids who love cars .

However, in order to experience all the charm of this set fully, you will need to buy more vehicles.

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