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Fisher-Price Interactive Piggy Bank

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

With 40 songs, melodies and phrases, plus smart Smart Stages technology, this toy's educational content changes as your child grows! Two levels of play offer new songs, phrases and sounds for different stages. And, of course, the piglet can grunt!

The piggy bank includes 10 colorful coins. On one side are pictures of animals that can be studied, and numbers on the other. Two coins of each color / animal.

The piglet's tummy has a transparent door and the baby can see how the coins end up inside. When all the coins are inside, the child opens the pig, pours out the coins and starts folding them again ... and again ... and again! This process is very exciting for young children!

Each child develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages technology gives the parent the ability to choose the stage that suits the child best. Each stage has a variety of educational songs, phrases and sounds in two levels of play - just flip the switch!

Level 1 - Research - for children from 6 months. We develop the curiosity of the baby, click on the piglet's piglet, open the door to hear songs and phrases about flowers and counting. The simplest words and phrases (Open; One).

Level 2 - Promotion - from one year. More detailed account, the toy encourages the kid to play and learn. Throw coins at the back of the pig, and the piggy bank will answer you! It is not so easy for a baby to get into the slot with a coin, but very interesting, the baby is persistent, so this toy perfectly develops motor skills.

As the child grows, the toy continues to encourage play, introduces small sentences (can you show me all the red coins?).

vA durable, high-quality toy that will be interesting to a child for many months. Abroad it can already be found in preschool institutions, doctor's offices, etc. It becomes a recognizable classic toy; in 2019, a second version was released, which is slightly different from the first (the first version had coins of two sizes - the large one had an image of a mother-animal, the small one had her baby; in the new version, all coins are of the same size).

The coins are large and durable, safe for babies.

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