COVID-19 and the toy industry: what to expect?

As human tragedy continues to develop on a global scale, each of us today is primarily focused on protecting our families. At the same time, we are trying to maintain a complex balance, consisting in one day returning to what was once a normal life, work, business. Probably, we will never live as we used to, we will have to reconsider a lot. This also applies to the approach to shopping. So, this will affect the toy industry. The resilience and determination of toy manufacturers has never been as important as it is now. It will be necessary to sustain global change.

COVID-19 has led to the fact that at present, in the spring of 2020, we don’t know what we’re going to now, we don’t know what will happen next, how to cope with the challenges of 2020, 2021 and subsequent years. The return trip will surely be slow and gradual. In some countries and regions, this will happen sooner than in others; each part of the community will move back differently. Production, mass retail, specialized retail, distribution, sales representatives, inventors, etc., are all changing today. Social distance will remain, along with remote work, the introduction of a new personnel policy, the provision of personal protective equipment and many other measures that we have yet to imagine. Consumer behavior will change again, with the growth of e-commerce - even more ruthless than before. A long-term position emphasizes the need to constantly feel the changes , respond to them and adapt. Again, it's time to invent something new and change globally. Probably, the revival of the market will be uneven, uneven. But hundreds and thousands of toy buyers with hundreds of sellers on the eve of the fall and winter holiday sales seasons will certainly not give up their usual purchases - if there are at least some opportunities. During quarantine, a record number of people search and buy books and toys, games and educational goods for children locked at home. These are urgent issues that need to be addressed here and now. The toy market must provide new priorities and programs that meet the future needs of a changing world.

As history shows, despite the world wars, the Great Depression, recessions, the dashing 90s, September 11, and everything else, the toy community and the people who make it so special have always found a way to prevail over all problems.

Let's believe in the mission of games and toys to be a unifying force for creativity and development, now we need to defend the advantages of the game. Confronting threats and maximizing opportunities is a very difficult task, a completely new challenge for everyone, including toy manufacturers. Staying on the side of the consumer and offering something new is what will be important in the future for the coming months and years.

The situation is changing every day, everything varies depending on the country.Many are now working remotely, and some manufacturers have been forced to close their offices and factories.Large toy manufacturers who have such an opportunity are already trying tomake their contributionand help society with what they can.

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