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Build Your Stuntman: Tumbling Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are adorable and we all know about it. Which means it will be fun to play with your own toy hedgehog, which you can assemble yourself so that he can do different tricks on command.

This is a game set from Thames & Cosmos "My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog".

This toy is designed as educational STEM, develops the child's understanding of science and technology, and teaches engineering skills. Because before kids can play with a hedgehog, they have to collect it . Collecting 172 parts will not be easy and will take time.

The kit is recommended for children ages 7 and older, but most primary school children will likely need adult help to successfully assemble the transmission module, avoid making mistakes with movement mechanics, position the outer shell correctly, and secure the head.

It takes about an hour to assemble a toy if everything goes as it should, without errors. Keep in mind that you are literally building an entire robot from scratch , so be patient (this may take longer, especially for newcomers to the world of robotics). But you will get a complete sense of achieving the goal when you complete the project. Gears, motor, microcontrollers, sound sensors, LEDs and more - the child learns a lot.

When the robot is built, it's time to play!

The robot hedgehog can walk, run and even curl up like a real live hedgehog. It works best on smooth surfaces (it can “trip” on carpet or uneven floors).

You can control the hedgehog by clapping differently . The toy has three different built-in modes. Different clapping commands will trigger different tricks thanks to the built-in sound sensor located in a special board in the head of the toy. Ask the hedgehog to roll back, sleep, wake up, curl up, walk around, and run. Clap close to your head where the sound sensor is located, or it won't hear (or recognize) commands.

This toy requires children to be able to focus and pay attention to the order of actions. She will only perform tricks correctly if the children are accurate in their commands. But if the child has patience and likes to build and learn mechanics, he will get a robot friend who will always stick around .

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