Blume Baby Pops: sweet little surprise in every sprout!

Blume Baby Pops is the continuation of the line of Blume dolls that sprout from their flower pots.But this time we will "grow" tiny cute little babies!

So, the Skyrocket Blume family is expanding with a fun new addition: Blume Baby Pops. This line of collectible dolls is also full of unusual surprises.

Blume Baby Pops are packaged in a pot with five green sprouts that are visible from the plastic soil. While original Blume dolls require spraying with water to activate the disclosure, Blume Baby Pops appear differently .

Pull the shoot and it will come out of the soil with an unexpected sound: it’s like you are pulling out a carrot! Next, you need to open the plant to see what is inside: it is either a Blume baby mini baby doll or tiny accessories.

Blume babies look like miniature versions of regular Blume dolls , these are tiny dolls with amazing hair on small heads: the hair may look like some kind of strawberry-ice-cream twist, or something cloudy and rainbow.

Each Blume baby is only 1.5 inches (about 4 cm) in size and comes with a removable diaper and a color-changing diaper.

Each package guarantees the presence of three babies inside, but sometimes there may be even more.

Asecret nurseryis hidden under the flower bed in a pot, a miniature play set that children can decorate with the included stickers.There are 5 different themes in the nurseries (you get one of them): zoo, forest, sea, llama and unicorn.

The collection includes 50 types of Blume Baby dolls, 12 different styles of cozy costumes, and more than 60 different accessories in total. All this adds interest to the collection coefficient of the series.

Kids have 6 moods:

Each set has 25 surprises : cozy costumes (thematic, so you can dress your baby like a giraffe, bumblebee, dinosaur and others); cute friends (mini-companions of kids, animals); and accessories for the baby.

Also in the kit is one of five deluxe add-ons:

Each set also includes a slide and a pool so you can have a fun party at the Blume Baby. And when you dip the Blume Babies diapers in the water, they will change color, so you determine the gender of the baby.

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