Bilibo FUN: basin, helmet, rocking chair and anything!

Deceptively simple, elegantly designed and magically attractive, Bilibo inspires a creative game without borders, both boys and girls. It can be affectionately called the "basin" and come up with many exciting games.

The cult form in the form of a shell and bright colors immediately attract the attention of children, arousing curiosity. This is a rocking chair, and a slide, and a bump, and a seat, and a helmet, and a shell, and a drum, and a scoop for water, literally anything . Infinitely adaptable, this is an extremely open, creative toy. Sit in it, stand on it, rotate in it, or fold it. Swing, stuff, put on or slide. Turn him over and he will have “eyes” and a smile.

There are no rules, play with it in your own way.

Bilibo’s creative use is endless: almost like a cardboard box, only durable!

You can take Bilibo with you to the pool and the sandbox, play with it in the winter in the snow. Incredibly functional toy.

Just give the child Bilibo (or several at once), and he will figure out what to do with him! This thing can quickly become completely indispensable.

The award-winning Bilibo project was developed in Switzerland in conjunction with child development experts.

The toy is made of non-toxic unbreakable polyethylene , it is incredibly durable and is suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors. Bilibo will withstand even the most energetic baby. A child can even use it as an ice floe.

Bilibo helps to develop balance, coordination, motor skills. Intellectually stimulates creativity, imagination and role-playing games, elements of social development. This is involvement in vigorous activity and physical development.

Suitable for children over the age of 2 years (weight 750 g, 39x39x22 cm), there is also a mini version for children from birth (0+, 12x12x7 cm).

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