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Big Feelings Pineapple toy: a very emotional pineapple!

Big Feelings Pineapple is a pineapple of big feelings . He will make us happy!

This fun toy from Learning Resources helps kids learn about emotions through hands-on play. The small plastic pineapple has 26 body parts - arms, eyes, different eyebrows and mouths; details can be placed on the body of the pineapple to display different emotions.

(magnetic tiles)The booklet that comes with this pineapple helps parents organize fun, creative ways to help kids start talking about and understanding their emotions.(Picasso magnetic tiles)

One of the suggested ways to play is to come up with short sentences and let the children choose which emotions are appropriate for him, and then simulate the emotion on pineapple. For example, this phrase: Pineapple goes to kindergarten next year, so he feels _____ . Frightened, nervous, happy, excited? What emotion will the child choose?

There is a guide on the back of the instructions that shows you how to portray each emotion . It may be helpful to first read this guide before moving on to coming up with suggestions. 24 emotes are shown and each can be assembled on a pineapple with set details.

Parents can name an emotion, portray it on their face, and then ask the child to have the pineapple show that emotion as well. That is, you can simply test the children for their knowledge of emotions by depicting different emotions on your face, so that the children can recreate it on the pineapple.

Pineapple is double-sided so that children can impose two emotions on it at once from different angles and explore opposites .

Teaching children about emotions and how to share them with others makes it easier for them to grow up in the future.

Another activity that Learning Resources recommends is taking turns naming emotions and asking children to tune pineapple for them. The parts are easy to rearrange over and over again, so it's fun.

After the game, all the parts are conveniently stored inside the pineapple.

Who knew pineapples could be so emotional?

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