Alilo Bunny Family: an interactive rabbit toy family - from birth!

Founded in 2010, Alilo focuses on the design of products for children’s early learning, the development of digital toys, and the original exploration of content for development. This is an educational toy - from birth.

Over the past years, Alilo toys have become known in other countries, loved by children and parents for their excellent creative design, excellent consistent quality and an original training system, which has made the company a leading brand in the early education market of China. The annual sales volume exceeds millions units per year, the company is steadily occupying a leading position in the domestic market in China.

In general, sales cover more than 40 countries, including the USA, Germany, Russia, Australia and others.

Alilo Bunnies are the perfect companions for the baby.Children, as a rule, involve Alilo in the game in a natural way.Thanks to its pleasing design, Alilo Bunnies become dolls, storytelling toys, entertainers thanks to interactive elements or just friends and buddies.Carefully selected content inspires kids to dance and sing - a joy that will remain with the child for life.

Alilo Bunnies is a family of interactive toys that are designed to support the development of toddlers, preschoolers and primary school students. Thanks to their many useful functions, they entertain, tell stories and make it easier for the child to fall asleep after an eventful day.

There are currently several characters to choose from : Buddy Bunny, Cool Bunny, Honey Bunny, Big Bunny, Smart Bunny, and Sweet Bunny. All are available in several vibrant colors.

Alilo is a special task companion, he is ready for a long friendship even with the most curious and energetic kid. These rabbits will survive hours of hugging, walking, parties, biting, and even falling to the floor.

Carefully selected songs and stories provide the kids with constant entertainment. Long battery life allows you to use Alilo, for example, for long trips by car or waiting periods.

In addition, Honey Bunny can be integrated into tedious rituals for kids, such as brushing your teeth, turning them into more interesting and fun tasks.

The built-in recording function always arouses the interest of children. Parents and grandparents can also write down their message to the child.

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